Vector is commonly used in these scenarios

discoverya Discovery
Discovery is a quick yet thorough data collection to provide a baseline assessment of your environment. This baseline can support a broad variety of business needs, from auditing a potential acquisition target, to understanding your own environment prior to planning a business transformation.
RiskAnalyico Risk Analysis
Vector generates risk analysis specific to the operation of the storage environment. It compares the analysis to hundreds of other storage environments to provide perspective. The analysis can also be conducted over time to provide risk trending.
datacenter Datacenter Transformation
Facilitate a complete datacenter transformation with the Vector baseline and additional analysis such as operational risk, data flow mapping, asset utilization and performance.
storageresource Storage Resource Management
Vector doesn’t just mine data. It has analytics engines to model data to your specific needs, and a customizable presentation layer so you can view results the way you want.

problem Problem Troubleshooting
Leverage incident analytics to instantly determine the source of impacts to your applications.

chargeback Chargeback / Showback
Assign financial values to each infrastructure component and see instant total cost of ownership and trends.
physical Physical to Virtual Analysis
Profile physical assets separately in order to model the adoption of virtualization.

A few words from our customers

“Solutions Catalyst Group gives us a competitive advantage every time we partner with them. Their expertise and tool sets are second to none.”

Service Manager, Storage Solution Provider


“The dashboard software has made a huge impact on our ability to control our data storage. Having the detailed data at our fingertips enables us to make clear decisions and takes the guesswork out of our job. It is a night and day difference before and after implementing the solution.”

Storage Engineering Executive, Telecommunications Company


“We use the dashboard every day in our operations. The foresight it gives us is priceless. I managed everything with spreadsheets before we implemented the tool.”

Storage Manager, Media Company


“I can speak intelligently to our customers about our solutions having their data in such a clear and concise output.”

Sales Representative, Storage Technology Provider

“This tool is as promised. When SCG told me it would take a few minutes with my team to get all the data they needed for a report, they meant it. We can’t be more impressed with the solution.”

Storage Manager, Health Care Company


“For years IT storage was a black box for our procurement group. SCG provided us what we needed to understand our growth tendencies and helps us decided how to acquire for the future. Well worth our money.”

Procurement Manager, Financial Institution


“It’s a game changer for us. We walk into just about any environment and feel confident we can help. “

Vice President, Services Provider


“Solutions Catalyst Group is our data center analytics engine. The data they mine and present back to us is painless and has immediate impact. We continue to grow with their assistance.”

Storage Manager, Insurance Company