About Solutions Catalyst Group

We were founded on the principal that visibility is the key to understanding. Organizations need knowledge of the health of their storage environment, and with the massive increase of data being created today, this is more important than ever.

Vector provides visibility into the IT maturity level of your environment.

IT Maturity Levels:


Maintain State

  • Visibility to react to customer impacts
  • Visibility of 90 days or less

Proactive Planning

  • Analysis used for capacity planning
  • Data is leveraged for up to 12 months

SLA Business Alignment

  • Analytics to manage service levels
  • Analytics profiling out to 24 month

Vector can then provide the plan to get you to your desired operational state.


Jason Dunaway
Jason is the lead business development and alliance partner manager for Solutions Catalyst and is responsible for engagement development and services integration for customer solutions. Jason is a 15-year veteran of IT and a veteran officer of the U.S. military. Managing sales and operational teams for EMC, AT&T Mobility and Hitachi throughout his career has given him the unique ability to position the right solution for Solutions Catalyst customers.

Jim Hill
As head engineer for Solutions Catalyst, Jim leads the engineering teams through product and enhancement development and manages the service delivery organization. Jim is a 15-year veteran of IT and a top contributor to some of the largest data center environments in the U.S., including Hewlett-Packard, AT&T Mobility, JP Morgan, Alcoa, Wells Fargo, American Electric Power, Honda and several government agencies. Jim brings his intricate knowledge of the industry together with his computer science background to guide Solutions Catalyst’s product development direction.