Solutions Catalyst Group provides the experience and the tools to work in any environment. Regardless of the components, we will get you the analytics you need to complete your project, create new efficiencies and make better business decisions.

Whether we are simply providing baseline visibility with Vector, or are integrated into your operation, we have the ability to customize analytics down to the business unit or data set and provide business-oriented or performance-oriented analysis.

Vector Services

eye Baseline
Vector services provide a base understanding for you to leverage in many ways – whether you’re planning a  transformation project, determining the capabilities of the environment, or simply verifying what was suspected, Vector is a quick low-cost avenue to get that baseline.
toolbox Troubleshooting
Vector analytics services will significantly reduce the hours it takes staff to pour through layers  of data to correlate problem points and impacts to applications.  Vector presents those analyzed problem areas to users so they can plan corrective actions.
capacity Capacity Planning
Vector correlation engines, combined with the ability to trend analytics, gives you a powerful tool to plan the future of your environment. Vector can collect and use days, weeks, months or years of data to show the tendencies of risk, growth, utilization, etc.
analysisfinance Financial Analysis
Vector services use base data to analyze cost, risk, performance and more, from the big picture down to each individual business unit to provide valuable financial insight and foresight. Vector services can breakdown analysis to annual TCO, by component through to the enterprise, and recommend potential areas of cost savings and/or asset alignment.
physical Physical to Virtual Planning
Vector’s analytics data provides service teams the layers of data needed to plan  virtualization transformation that is cost-effective and fits with the overall business strategy.

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